Monday, November 19, 2007

Om Shanti Om Review

This Sunday on 18th November 2007, I watched "Om Shanti Om" and there is just one response which came after the movie "Kahani Poori Filmi Hai".

It's truly an entertainer, don't try to go deep into the story as it won't make much sense after the intermission... you will be wondering how this happened, why this didn't happen and all.

So be cool and enjoy the movie, it's full timepass and one of the best entertainer this year.

I liked Ajab si... and also main agar kahoon tumse ae haseen... They are beautifully written songs.

Enjoy the video of main agar kahoon and more on Om Shanti Om

Check out the movie in your nearest theatres by today and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shahrukh Khan Om Shanti Om

The six-pack abs of Shah Rukh Khan

When one finds oneself pondering the question of whether the six-pack abs flaunted by Bollywood movie superstar Shah Rukh Khan are a pathetic attempt by a 42-year-old man to hang onto the illusion of youth, or a satiric gesture meant to mock contemporary Bollywood tropes in a film that Khan both produced and stars in, only one conclusion can be entertained: The globalization of pop culture is complete.

Shah Rukh Khan's abs are the talk of the subcontinental blogosphere, and with good reason. Not only are they spectacular in a kind of Frankenstein-meets-24-Hour-Fitness mash-up way but his new movie, "Om Shanti Om," a retro-Bollywood homage/reincarnation-themed song-and-dance thriller, is a bona fide international blockbuster. Early indications are that it has a shot at being the biggest grossing Bollywood movie in the United States ever, which would make Khan's rippling muscles a high-tide marker for Indian pop cultural world domination. Bollywood fan sites are chortling over the relative foreign box office performance of Khan compared to Tom Cruise. Coming just a few weeks after Sony announced a big co-production deal with two major Bollywood players, the implications are clear: We will be seeing more of this.

Is it a good movie? I haven't seen it yet, but I've read some thoughtful reviews that suggest it is flawed in ways that I wouldn't even begin to understand, given my lack of context for appreciating a film that is in large part a self-referential commentary on Bollywood movies of yore.

But how could one not be seduced by a film that one critic says "tries to seduce you ... by pandering to all that's base in Bollywood." As director Farah Khan is reputed to have said during the filming of a scene, angered by a camera person who had cut Shah Rukh Khan's crotch out of a frame: "We are not shooting a Bengali art film here, get it (the crotch) back." (Thanks to Sepia Mutiny for that tidbit.)

Base is where it's at. And making jokes about the stodginess of Bengali art films? Priceless.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Om Shaanti Om: A Big hit

Om Shaanti Om was undoubtedly the most awaited movie and the major hit of this movie was expected.....

Bollywood film industry is enjoying the success of the King Khan... Yet again he proved that he is the best.

For the initial success Bollywood filmmaker Farah Khan, who is riding high on the success of "Om Shanti Om", credits superstar Shah Rukh Khan's shirtless song-and-dance sequence as one of the main reasons for the film's good opening.

"Om Shanti Om", a film on reincarnation, had a tough battle to overcome for box-office supremacy as it was sharing its opening date with "Saawariya" -- on unrequited love -- by top Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

But three-days since its release, analysts say, "Om Shanti Om" has edged past "Saawariya”.

"The entire credit for the film's success goes to Shah Rukh," director Farah Khan told Reuters over phone on Sunday. "He is the film's main attraction and the shirtless song is definitely one of the main reasons for the film's hit. It is the scene to watch out for."

The bare-chested act by the 42-year-old actor who underwent rigorous training sessions to develop a six-pack, has helped the song "Dard-E-Disco" reach the top of the charts across television channels and FM radio stations.

"I have made many girls and women happy by showing Shah Rukh in a very different way," she said. "He has a huge audience base and everyone I'm sure is loving the way he has pulled it off. He had to train a lot for the scene and he is looking very good."